How to Get a New Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic

new 2021 mercedes

What a year we have had. As we stumble towards the one-year mark of being in some sort of lockdown, it is safe to say that there are many reading this and beyond who are suffering from some kind of lockdown fatigue.  

With current government guidelines advising that all non-essential stores remain closed, this has resulted in car showrooms closing their doors once again. Not ideal for those who were planning on getting a new car as we head into 2021.  

While plans for test-driving cars and wondering round showrooms inhaling the new car smell have been put on hold, there are still ways for you to get a new vehicle during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read on for more! 

What Options Do You Have Available to You? 

Like most other things in our lives, car purchasing has turned to the online world to keep things moving and ensure that like-minded people such as yourselves can still get the car of their dreams.  

Concerning the options you have available, according to leasing guidelines and in-line with current Coronavirus restrictions, you can either order your car online directly from the manufacturer or showroom or lease a vehicle through a similar method.  

Ordering from Car Showroom or Manufacturer 

Much like ordering a car from the manufacturer or showroom while not in a pandemic, the processes are very much similar. Eliminating the need for contact with another person at a showroom, prospective car owners can instead expect their customised car – concerning the colour, model, and make – to be delivered to their door.  

While online sales are generally more preferred by those who do not want to see another person during the handover, dealerships can still organise the pick-up of a vehicle from a showroom where applicable.  

Leasing a Vehicle 

Like that of ordering a car from a showroom, car leasing has been able to continue throughout lockdown, ensuring that people can access the cars that they have been dreaming about. Adhering to strict social distancing measures, those who decide to lease a car can expect to pick up a vehicle or have it delivered to them in almost the same way as above.  

Vantage Leasing is but one of the many leasing companies that are continuing to safely trade throughout lockdown, ensuring that people like you can get a new car without having to wait for restrictions to be lifted. If you’re working to a reduced budget right now, there are Vantage Leasing special offers that are available to help make the cost of leasing a car lower.

We hope that this guide has helped clarify any qualms you were experiencing when mulling over your options for getting a new car. While we are still amid our third lockdown, we hope you continue to stay safe and thoroughly enjoy whichever car you decide to purchase! The light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching, and you will be driving your vehicle on a long-awaited road trip in no time.  

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