MyProtein Pulse V4 Review

Pulse V4 Review

I have been using MyProtein Pulse V4 for quite a while now as a pre-workout drink.  MyProtein market pulse as their most powerful pre-workout product to date containing a some of the most heavily researched performance boosting ingredients on the market.

I thought I would share my MyProtein Pulse V4 review with you guys as I am often asked about pre-workout drinks and the pro’s and con’s of such.  Pulse is available in 2 flavours, Berry Blast and Tropical Punch.  My preference is the easy to drink Berry Blast flavour.

The recommended serving is 3 small scoops for intermediate users and 6 for those with more experience of using these products.  I settle for around 4 or 5 scoops depending on how lethargic I am feeling on any particular day.  I have used many other pre-workout supplements over the years including Jack3d in its previous carnation.  These products will affect different people in different ways so it is difficult to gauge how you will react until you try it.

I do not experience any tingling or increased sweating when using these, it seems to give me a boost and a good post workout pump but it is not as strong as some others.  For me this is a good point though.  I am looking for a product that will help me through my workout without leaving me feeling like I am going to take off!

Each serving contains a mix of two specific formulas each ensuring you get the maximum from your workout. The ‘Perform and Pump’ blend includes Creatine, AAKG, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate which gives you a prolonged muscle pump and the ‘Focus and Engergise Matrix’ which combines Taurine, Tyrosine, Guarana and Caffeine which assists you in getting a more intense workout.

The 500g pouch comes in at £19.99 from MyProtein direct and the berry blast flavour was pretty easy to drink. Pulse V4 is definitely worth a shot as a pre-workout drink it mixes well, tastes good and appears to be a good workout fuel.



  1. The above is really useful, thanks. However, I’ve only just started taking Pulse V4 and I’ve not really got that buzz. For the past year I’ve been taking No Xplode and I definately got a bit of a buzz from that and noticed improvements in my workouts. Mainly because of the price I thought it was time to try something else and so I’ve started with Pulse V4… But it hasn’t really had the same effect. I take 6 scoops with 300ml of water on my way to the gym, which ends up being 30mins by the time I start my workout. Any suggestions?

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