Nivea Men have launched a new Anti-Irritation Body Shaving Range

The Everyday Man

Whether you are the type of guy who likes to get rid of every last inch of body hair or whether you are simply the guy who likes to keep things tidy, you will be aware that getting on top of you body grooming can at times be a laborious and tricky procedure.  Most of us (me included) currently use products designed for shaving out faces to kept on top of the hair below the neckline too.  While those tools get the job done, it is of course worthwhile seeking out some products designed specifically for the task at hand.

Nivea Men have just launched a new body shaving range for men that claims to tackle irritation for a clean and comfortable body shave – even if you do it in the shower.  Last week I went along to he launch event in London to find out a little bit more about it and the reasons why men are reaching for the razor.

The Everyday Man

The Everyday ManThere are 3 new products to help you get the perfect body shave.  First up the hero from the range, the Body Shaving Anti-Irritation Stick (RRP £6). It is compact and is designed for use in the shower, meaning once applied it won’t wash off mid shave.  It’s transparent too so you can see exactly where you are shaving so there is no risk of catching sensitive areas.  If you prefer a thicker shaving gel, then the new Anti-Irritation Body Shaving Gel (RRP£4.50) will be just the ticket for you.  It has added polymers that work to ensure exceptional glide for your razor.

For after-care the new Nivea After Shave Lotion (RRP £6) gives your skin a much-needed moisture boost that is absorbed quickly and helps the skin the rebuild its natural protective layer, leaving is looking and feeling smooth and healthy.


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