Penny For Your Thoughts

The Everyday Man

A glaring omission of my ignorance but until recently I never knew that Penny loafers got their name as they originally held a small coin within the front band of the shoe.  Preppy kids in the 70s decided to slip the penny into the loafers as a good luck token and alas the name was born.  Pretty obvious when you think of it however you rarely see anyone opting for this look nowadays.

Sebago is bringing this back to the forefront with their ‘spring-summer #PennyForYourThoughts initiative.  Limited edition pennies for their 68-year-old classic Penny Loafers, which will be offered complimentary with the purchase of any classic Sebago Penny Loafer.  The design of the classic shoe is constructed so that the penny sits snuggly into the saddle.

With the arrival of summer (kind of), there is no better crossover shoe than a loafer that will take you from casual to formal look with ease.  They can propel a normally casual polo shirt look for evening and likewise do not look out-of-place when teamed with a suit.   Of course, if you are a bit more a showman than opt for a tassel styled shoe instead of the more subtle penny silhouette.

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