The Plymouth Gin x Princess Yachts Gin Commissioning Kit

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin’s association with maritime tradition have long been a thing.  In fact for over 150 years Plymouth Gin was widely considered as the official gin of the officers of the Royal British Navy.

Last week they invited me out to the yacht show in Cannes for a very special announcement on their most recent boating partnership, this time with another famous Plymouth export – Princess Yachts.

Over a very tasty Plymouth Pennant cocktail (recipe below) they announced that they would be coming together with Princess to launch a modern-day version of the classic maritime Commissioning Kit.  A bespoke new piece which has been specially designed to fit seamlessly within the interior of the all-new Princess 75 Motor Yacht.

Plymouth Gin Commissioning Kit

The Commissioning Kit has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Princess Yachts in-house design team from the finest Macassar Ebony wood and furnished inside with beautiful off white leather – it really is the ultimate place to house your gin onboard and the perfect accompaniment to any super-yacht!

The Plymouth Pennant

Plymouth Pennant cocktail

To make your own Plymouth Pennant cocktail simply pour 35ml of Plymouth Gin Original, 15ml of Plymouth Sloe Gin, 15ml of Antica formula Sweet Vermouth and 5ml  of Apricot brandy liqueur into a tall glass over ice. Then add 10ml of lemon juice, 10ml of orange juice,  5ml of sugar syrup and top it up with about 50ml of soda water.

Before serving garnish your Plymouth Pennant with a sprig of mint, a thin lemon wedge and a large orange twist.  Then enjoy! (responsibly of course)


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