Review: Sci-Mx Ultra Whey Protein

Sci MX

Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein has been one of their core and best selling products for years but it has just recently been relaunched with a new improved make-up.  We decided to put the protein supplement to the test to see if it really was any good.

I opted for the strawberry flavour and was instantly impressed by the not overly sweet (its low in sugars) yet easy to consume taste.  It mixed well with around 250ml of water without leaving any lumps at all.  I tended to take this supplement in the morning as a boost to my breakfast and before my workout.  They recommend taking up to 3 servings a day but as I am also using another post-gym supplement I took this only once or twice, occasionally as an in-between meal top-up.

So how did it perform in physical terms?  As an early morning pre-gym supplement, I thought it worked well.  It’s not too heavy which makes it easy to perform without feeling too bloated.  At the same time, it is packed it BCAA’s (6.1g per serving) and Glutamine (4.7g) which aids recovery.  As far as protein goes too there is a strong 35g of Ultra Whey to help with the maintenance of quality muscle mass.

A decent foundation whey protein product for those training regularly and looking to gain lean muscle.

Our rating 4/5


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