Review: The Twitter #music iPhone app

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Twitter has launched its new service #music which promises to “change the way that people find music”.  The service is currently available on iOS and web and uses intelligence gathered from your twitter activity and that of your influencers to produce a custom selection of music to discover.

Unless you have a Spotify or a Rdio account then you can only listen to short snippets of the tracks suggested.  This is a bit of a stumbling block for me as I don’t use either however there are rumours of future tie-ins with Youtube/Vevo and Soundcloud which will make this app more accessible.

Twitter Music, #music, app, iphone,

So according to twitter #music i might like the following: example, Hilary Duff, Wretch32, The Risk, Micheal Buble and Labrinth.  This is a pretty random and eclectic mix and features some artists I have never heard of.  If I am honest aside from example none of these artists are favourites of mine or even feature on my iPod.  Here we have hit the second stumbling block.  The people you follow on twitter for say work purposes, fitness tips or because they are family members are unlikely to share your music tastes but they will help to shape your twitter #music recommendations.

As far as the iPhone app is concerned it looks good and is pretty sleek to use but as far as I am concerned that is where it ends.  Delete.

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