Samsung Unveils the SLEEPsense @ IFA


You may remember that last week I shared with you the news that I am embarking on an exciting new partnership with Samsung Home Appliances.  To kick this off I headed over to IFA (basically the Disneyland of tech and gadgets) in Berlin to have a look at some of the exciting new tech developments that they are launching in Europe soon.

This place was insane.  Samsung had set up home in an area called the City Cube at the Berlin conference venue.  I have no idea of the dimensions but this Cube was the size of several football pitches stacked side by side which helps to give you an idea of just how vast and varied the Samsung range is.  Aside from all of the updated TV’s, phones and smart watches was a whole host of exciting new lifestyle developments – some of which seem like they came right out of a sci-fi film.

I think I can safely say over the next few years technology in the home is headed to a whole new dimension.  We have already embraced many aspects of this in our daily life of course but the arrival of the ‘Internet of Things’ will herald a massive change in the way we live our lives enabling us to worry less about chores  and boring stuff. It all centres around their #OwnTheWeekend campaign which encourages you to make the most of your free time.

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One of these advanced new products that Samsung unveiled at IFA that caught my attention was their SLEEPsense.  I have tried various sleep trackers and aids before and as good as they can be at helping you understand your sleep pattern they do little to assist you in improving it.  The SLEEPsense however can adjust various impacting factors depending on your temperature, heart-rate etc to ensure that you get the best sleep possible.  My buddy Joe from Joe’s Daily caught me giving the SLEEPsense a go (picture above) during IFA.  The smart little device which sits snugly under your mattress and can tell when you drift off.  In doing so it can adjust the temperature of your air conditioner, turn off the tv, lights and close or open curtains in your bedroom.  Pretty crazy eh?

Aside from the SLEEPsense there is a whole load of other exciting stuff coming from Samsung in the coming months and years, stay tuned to the website as I continue to share it with you first!

This content is brought to you in collaboration with Samsung however all words, views and opinions are my own.

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