Sci-MX Nutrition Protein Review

The Everyday Man

Blogging takes a lot of work and can at times get a tad stressful, but it does also have many fantastic perks.  One of these is being sent all sorts of goodies to review and try (often before general release too).  Sci-MX Nutrition recently got in touch and offered me the chance to try out some of their products.

I certainly don’t proclaim to be a nutritional expert but over the years I have tried more than enough supplement’s and shakes to be able to weed out the good from the bad.  Like most of you, my aim for the months leading up to summer is to tone up and perhaps add a little mass too.  With that goal in mind, I decided to give the Sci-MX all-in-one product OMNI MX Rippedcore a try.  To supplement the protein shake (and to try to stop me snacking on crap) I also snapped up some Pro 2GO cookies.

The Everyday Man

I do like to vary my protein brand from time to time as just like with my gym routine I feel that sticking to the same one for too long leads to a plateau.  Until now the only Sci-MX shakes I had tried where the strawberry pre-mixed ones which I really love the taste of.  I tend to grab them from the supermarket as an alternative to a snack if I find myself craving something sweet.   When it comes to shakes I am firmly a strawberry kind of guy and although the OMNI MX is not overly sweet I liked the taste, it’s quite creamy even though I mix it with water and not milk.

The recommended daily dose (2 servings) provides a whopping 72g of protein, the ratio of protein to the carb is also high with a 65/35% split.  This product has been developed to ensure that you receive all the key nutrients whilst helping you to get ‘6 pack ripped’.  Taking a serving after working out really filled me up and the added vitamins and magnesium ensured I never felt fatigued either.  A common side effect of overtraining for me.

I have been using this for around 3 weeks now and have been more than happy with the results.  I can feel my strength improving and my overall performance has definitely shifted up a gear too.

I didn’t get on quite as well with the pro 2Go cookies however as I really struggled with the texture and consistency.  My choice was strawberry and white choc chip but I think next time I would go for the double chocolate instead.  Like most protein bars/cookies they are nothing like traditional ‘naughty’ cookies.  At first glance, they look delicious and are soft and gooey just like their fat-filled cousins.  That is where the similarity ends however as they have quite a dry and gritty taste.  I did find it a struggle to eat them at first but you do get used to them after a couple.  Just change your way of thinking and they go down fine.  After all, these are a much more beneficial treat than something you could buy down at Millie’s!

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