Sponsored: A Suit to Travel In by Paul Smith

I hate creases in my clothes. I hate the fact that when I travel creases seem to be unavoidable.  Every time as I unpack my carefully packed clothing from the case it irritates me.  Getting rid of them with the worlds worst irons (why do hotels insist on buying these) is no easy task either.  Why can’t they just make formal wear that does crease?  Well, thank heavens for Paul Smith…

‘A Suit To Travel In’ is a crease-resistant suit which has been designed to stay looking good and whilst you are on your travels.  The suit is constructed from a high twist merino wool which is woven very tightly.  This method gives the material a lively quality which produces a bounce that repels creases.

English Olympic medallist Max Whitlock and a troop of exceptional performers were enlisted to demonstrate the extraordinary qualities of this very latest innovation in a rather unique way.

You can watch as Max performs his athletic twists, flips and spins the suit springs with him, recovering quickly to its starting position.  Handstands, backflips and forward rolls are all no problem thanks to the incredible flexibility of the new suit.

On top of this, high-twist yarn gives the suit spectacular recovery; the creases simply fall away before they form, even after you’ve executed a technically perfect straddle press handstand.


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