Summer 2013 Men’s Sunglasses Guide

Mens Summer 2013 Sunglasses Guide

Have you snapped up the perfect pair of summer 2013 sunglasses yet?  If not there is still plenty of time…and hopefully plenty more sun to come…to sort out your specs appeal.  Firstly let’s not forget that the key function of sunglasses is to keep those rays away from your eyes.  Noted.

Finding the style that suits you and your face is important too and likewise finding a pair that are on-trend for 2013 but have a classic enough frame to last you a good few seasons should be your top aim.  Gone are the days of bog-standard chunky black athletic styles being the order of the day with all of the leading designers now producing beautiful styles for us guys.

A good place to start your quest is a specialist eyewear firm like Optical Express – places such as this offer sunglasses by all the top labels like Dior, RayBan and Gucci.  Let’s be honest you wouldn’t buy your butcher meat from an optician so why buy your sunglasses from a supermarket?

Differentiating between different face shapes will help you find the style that works best for you:

  •  If you have a square face with a strong jawline suit more rounded or perhaps an aviator style.  You can get away with something quite sizeable if you are in this category.
  • Those of us with more rounded faces should consider trying to create more definition.  Use a style that is squared and more straight-edged – something like a wayfarer will work well.
  • If you have a longer more oblong-shaped face you can get away with square or round glasses.  The key here is to focus on larger frames which will work well with your features.

In my opinion, for 2013 you cannot beat a classic RayBan wayfarer – the geeky think rimmed style is particularly on trend this year but the classic style will serve you well for plenty of summers to come.  A great investment piece.

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