The Friday Five is Back!

Reining Champ
So it may have been a little while since I brought you an instalment of the weekly list of my Friday favourites.  On the plus side the break has given me plenty of time to trial and test some new stuff to include in the Friday Five.

So here the rundown of my top 5 likes this week:

1. Brydon Brothers Woven Belts


The belt is an everyday essential but I often find that tracking a decent one down can be quite a challenge.  Sometimes it is necessary to spend a little more and make an investment in a well-made belt that will likely last you years.

I recently found a new belt brand online called Brydon Brothers who produce a collection of handmade stretch woven belts with no holes for a customised and comfortable fit.  No longer is there a need for that rather dangerous process of creating additional home-made holes in the leather when you lose or gain a little extra weight.

2, The Protein Works 100% Micellar Casein

Now that I have (kind of) got back into my training at the gym it was essential that I perfected my diet and supplement intake to ensure I was getting the most from my workouts. The Protein Works 100% Micellar Casein is the perfect slow-release protein formula which when taken before bed will deliver a slow sustained release of aminos while your muscles are resting.

3. Related Garments Underwear


When a girl wants to look sexy in the erm bedroom the chances are she will pull on a matching underwear set (much to the delight of her other half) but what about us lads?  Well, Related Garments have the solution with their new range of underwear available as a matching set of boxers and knew high socks (with a discreet pair of trainer socks also available).

4. The Reigning Champ SS16 ‘Sea to Sky’ Collection

I discovered the Reigning Champ sportswear collection at the gym shop in Equinox a few months back and love their collection of oversized sweats and training wear.  Although a little on the pricey side the clothing is quite clearly well made and of lasting quality.

For SS16 the collection consists of hybrid bomber jackets, sweatshirts, stowaway jackets, crewnecks and pullover hoodies in tonal shades of grey and black.

5. Coldplay (feat Beyonce) ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ 

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