The Lure of Tenerife: One of Spain’s most desirable Winter-Sun Locations

Tenerife 1

Spain is home to a multitude of sun-kissed coastal locations, many of which hold an incredible allure for international visitors. Few of these are as popular as Tenerife, however, which is the largest of the picturesque Canary Islands and is known to benefit from good weather all year round. This is not the only factor that marks holidays to Tenerife as popular, however, as the region is also abundant with beautiful flora, fascinating history and a host of diverse activities.

3 Things to do when visiting Tenerife


Commonly referred to as the ‘Island of eternal spring’, Tenerife can keep visitors occupied for days on end. Before you consider finalising your booking to Canary Islands finest, be sure to check out how the star ratings in Spanish hotels are established. Here, are three must-see sights and enjoyable activities that you must consider when visiting Tenerife:

Visit Teide National Park

A visit to Tenerife cannot be considered complete without seeing what the Teide National Park has to offer, which can be accessed by taking a cable car to the very summit of the imposing Mount Teide. A Unesco World Heritage site, it comprises a 10 mile-wide volcano crater with dominates the visual profile of the island and provides a stunning backdrop for visitors. The Mountain itself soars to a peak of 12,198 feet above sea level, while the views from the summit are unique and worth the air fare alone.

The Ritz-Carlton Abama

Ritz Carlton Abama

Initially designed to resemble a North African citadel, the Ritz-Carlton Abama is a visually stunning and culturally significant Tenerife landmark. With sandstone turrets soaring from a luxurious garden of exotic flora and palm trees, the Ritz traverses a large area that includes a number of enclosed, clandestine gardens. The ideal international wedding venue, this place creates a unique sense of intimacy in a vast and publically accessible area. Large balconies also overlook some wonderful views, so this is well worth consideration.

The Hotel San Roque

Hotel San Roque

Whether you are staying in this resort or not, it is well worth your time to visit the grounds. An 18th century structure that has been skilfully and immaculately restored, this two-storey manor house and watchtower reflects traditional Canarian architecture at its finest. With a large open courtyard and a number of wonderful eateries, you can take a few hours out of your day to visit the grounds and enjoy a romantic meal with your partner. Art lovers will be interesting to note that this resort is also home to a large contemporary collection, so this will also take up a few hours of your day.


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