The key things to consider when buying a new suit


Buying a suit can often be a rather daunting experience for a lot of men.  You enter the tailoring department of a store and are met with a sea of options all in various colours, materials and fits.  Which is right for you?  Well of course choosing a style is a matter of personal taste and will be dependent somewhat on your body shape.  Get a suit right and you will look a million dollars, get it wrong and well it just looks a bit sad.

There is nothing like a tailor-made suit which fits you perfectly in every way unfortunately to obtain one may set you back somewhat.  The alternative which is almost as good is to opt for a well made suit from the rack and have it adjusted as required by your local tailor.  A fraction of the cost that having a custom-made garment would be but a great way to ensure you are looking your best.

We have teamed up with Marks & Spencer to offer you a few tips when it comes to buying and then styling a suit and some of the things that you should consider along the way.


Firstly try on the jacket and make sure it fits well across the shoulders.  You don’t want to look like you have either borrowed something from your dad or little brother.  Be aware of the length options too.  Jackets generally come in short, regular and long which is important for the likes of me with slightly longer arms.  Only around a half-inch of short cuff should show from the bottom of the sleeve so it is a good idea to try on a shirt in the store before making your decision.

The trouser waistband should be sitting not low like a pair of jeans but just a little below your navel with enough space for one finger in the waistband.


This will largely be dependent on your budget but it really is worth making the investment into a well made wool suit.  The material is natural and has the added benefit that it is breathable which keeps you warm during the winter months (or summer if you happen to live in Scotland like me) but cool in the summer.  Wool suits always move naturally with the body whilst keeping their shape and structure.


If you are the flashy type then you will want to make a statement but ideally I would say avoid anything too current or seasonal.  A modern classic in a navy or dark grey will quickly become a pillar of your wardrobe.

If you opt for a 3 or 2 button suit always leave the bottom button undone but if like me your preference is the 1 button variety this should always be fastened unless you are sitting down when it is better to open it to avoid bunching.

Get my look

As this feature was brought to you in collaboration with Marks & Spencer all of my look is from their SS15 range.  When it comes to colours wearing shades of the same one works well so as I opted for the blue suit I teamed it with tie and pocket square in contrasting blues.  I can never see past a crisp bright white shirt, they look so sharp and are rarely inexpensive so wearing a new one to big meetings or events is always preferable.

I’m wearing the Autograph Blue Slim Fit Suit (£199), White Super Slim Fit Shirt (£19.50), Pure Linen Stripe Tie (£35), Autograph Black Gunmetal rectangular buckle belt (£29.50) and the Best 0f British Leather Oxford shoes (£245).


  1. That’s a great fit, mate. Especially like the tie. It’s very hard to find the right fit.

    Buckets & Spades

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