Treat Your hands with Bioeffect’s New EGF Hand Serum

When it comes to looking after our skin, hands often become the unsung heroes often overlooked despite their hard work. However, with the latest BIOEFFECT’s EGF Hand Serum, that’s all about to change. Dealing with gym-worn or work-damaged hands is now easier, thanks to this wonder product.

EGF, standing for ‘Epidermal Growth Factor’, is a naturally occurring protein in the skin that assists in cell renewal and wound healing. BIOEFFECT’s EGF Hand Serum takes your typical hand cream a step further by providing deep hydration and revitalisation, all the while respecting your skin’s biology.

This dynamic serum, unlike traditional hand creams, doesn’t just provide temporary relief but has its effects last far longer. This is due to it containing the revolutionary plant-derived EGF that encourages the skin’s cell turnover. And when your skin is constantly exposed to harsh elements, especially for hardworking hands of gym-goers and manual workers -this feature becomes exceedingly useful.

Gym Damaged Hands: Intense workouts, regular use of weights and gripping equipment can lead to callouses and tough skin. BIOEFFECT EGF Hand Serum not only softens this but also helps accelerate the healing of any minor injuries.

Work Damaged Hands: Manual work can be rough on the hands causing dryness, cracks, and blisters. With regular use of this serum, you can restore resilience, maintain a healthy natural barrier, and promote smoother skin.

Apart from its restorative qualities, BIOEFFECT EGF Hand Serum also stands as a luxury product. Presented in a sleek, minimalist designed bottle, it’s efficient, environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It’s fast-absorbing so you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant, greasy residue usual hand creams leave behind.

While our hands tirelessly work for us, isn’t it time we gave a little back? With BIOEFFECT EGF Hand Serum, caring for your hands doesn’t have to be an arduous task. It’s a simple step that can make a world of difference to your hands, showing them just a bit of the tender loving care they rightfully deserve.

Bioeffect EGF Hand Serum, £39

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