Tried & Tested: Maxinutrition Promax Lean Definition


As part of my quest to get a tad leaner in time for summer I have recently been trying some new supplements.  One of these that I gave a go was the Maxinutrition (formerly Maximuscle) Promax Lean Definition protein.  Of course cutting takes hard work and determination but finding a good supplement to help you on your way is a nice little bonus.


Maxinutrition Promax Lean Definition promises 38g of protein, 125mg of caffeine and claims to be a good source of fibre.  I opted for the chocolate flavour for a change which mixed well and left no lumps (there really is nothing worse than lumpy protein shakes).  I was pleasantly surprised with both the taste and texture which was not far off a chocolate milkshake in fact.  The serving size is pretty big at 60g (or 2 scoops), but that is normal of a high protein product I suppose.  It does mean that the tub does not last quite long however.

Although I used this mainly after my workouts, it can of course be taken as a snack between meals.  Consuming an extra serving will be far more beneficial for your ‘cutting’ phases than wolfing down sugary treats and other crap (unfortunately).

After a couple of weeks solid use and some blood sweat and tears down the gym I am certainly starting to see some results.  Fat is starting to shift and the weights I am lifting are getting higher. I just need to make sure I keep it up going forward…but that is the hard bit.

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