The ultimate holiday surprise for your other half…

Ibiza Sunset

Summer is in full swing and couples all over the UK are jetting off to warmer climates for their holidays. It’s that time of year when the enjoyable smell of sun cream fills the air as people prepare for some well-deserved time away.

If your holiday is booked and you are looking to make it special, then perhaps popping the question could make your vacation one to remember forever. Think of those warm Mediterranean evenings, where you and your loved one may decide to dine alfresco at a stunning seaside restaurant, watching the sunset as it fades on the horizon behind the masts of local fishing boats.

Now you’ve pictured the setting, imagine the look on your partners face if you were to suddenly present her with a stunning diamond ring to declare your eternal love, and ask her to marry you there and then….Exactly, what more could a girl want right?!

So, if you have decided to pop the question this summer, here are some tips by diamond expert Vashi Dominguez that will help you keep the surprise until the very end. Preparing can be a bit daunting, you will have to choose the ring, hide it and transport it with you without getting caught out!

The Ring – Finding the perfect ring can be tricky so make sure you ask for advice first. If you are feeling a little lost, why not ask a close friend or even a family member for advice. They may already know the style of engagement ring that your partner dreams of!

From a style perspective, classic rings are always a winner! The all-time favourite is the diamond solitaire ring. It’s a classic piece of jewellery, it’s stylish and will be sure to bring a tear to her eye.


Shhh – Once you have chosen the ring, you need to keep it safe and out of her way. The last thing you need is for her to find the dazzling little gem and spoil the surprise. Keep it somewhere she won’t be able to find it. Either with a family member, a friend or at the back of your man drawer in a case that looks nothing like an engagement ring case.

Transport – Suggest taking your own travel bags. You will want to keep this a secret until you propose so no need to take risks. If you have your own luggage then you can find somewhere to keep the little jewellery box without being caught. Hide it in a shoe or wrap it up in a scarf at the bottom of your bag.

Plan – You will have to plan the moment in advance. If you are choosing a nice restaurant then make sure you have the best table in the house. You will have to book in advance!

Think about what you will wear that day too, perhaps insist on taking a jacket despite the hot weather. This way you can keep the ring in the inside pocket, and place it at the bottom of the day bag so there is no risk of her finding it.

Most importantly, be yourself! She will love you whatever you have planned. The more natural you are the better. For any other information, be sure to visit where you will find expert advice to help you choose the perfect diamond ring.


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