Combatting Aging: What Can Men Do To Retain Their Youth?

skincare for men

The hands of time are turning for all of us, and there’s no stopping the ageing process. Nobody is immune to more lines appearing on their faces, joints stiffening up, and things creaking and cracking when they didn’t before. There is no cure for ageing—although perhaps one day we’ll discover a way to turn back the clocks and forever remain in our prime, for now though, we’ll have to settle with slowing down the process with some of these key methods.

Get Yourself A Good Skincare Routine

The average man typically doesn’t care much about using creams and tinctures to bolster their appearance. Whilst that number is rising, it was still reported that globally, only 21% of men routinely spend money on beauty products. There could be multiple reasons for this lack of care for skin health and maintenance. Gender conceptions of these products as well as the heavy focus on women in advertising may lead to the everyday man feeling emasculated if faced with using these products. Of course, that’s another topic altogether. Nobody should care what you’re using in the privacy of your own home, and if it makes you feel good and look good, then why not? Consider moisturisers, anti-wrinkle creams and treatments, and even drinking more water to improve your skin health. Diet also comes into effect here which we’ll tackle later.

Surgical And Clinical Treatments

Sometimes there are things that a good moisturiser can’t help with. Surgery and clinical treatments tend to be surrounded by the stigma of horror stories of celebrities going too far, and of back-alley treatments going wrong. However, there is a multitude of people out there that have had their lives changed for the better by qualified surgeons and clinicians. In many cases, the things that we focus on in the mirror can be corrected with simpler procedures. There are some clinics in London and around the UK that provide dermal fillers, that can be used in so many different ways, from smoothing out wrinkles to improving hollowing around the eyes. If there is something that is causing you to feel self-conscious, and it’s impacting your mental health and confidence, then a visit to one of these clinics could give you your confidence back.

Exercise Is Your Friend

Staying in shape is also very important to preserving youth. Working out is not just for building muscle—keeping your heart and lungs in good health through regular cardio exercise will keep your stamina and flexibility high. Try some High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for some quick and impactful workouts, perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Watch What You Eat

Our choice of diet dramatically affects the way we look as well as the way we feel. We are all aware that overeating and consuming processed foods can have a huge impact on our bodies. Not only can these bad habits increase our risks of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, but they can make you gain weight and even reduce your skin health with issues like acne and oily skin. Choose healthier alternatives for snacking for example, that will help you to keep the extra pounds off and improve your general health and wellbeing.

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