Jon Burgerman ‘A Failure of Judgement’

Jon Burgerman

From making a special limited edition sick bag for Virgin Airways to creating New Era snap backs and Nike trainers, Jon Burgerman has been one of the most prolific and recognisable artists of popular culture, his unique pieces being collected worldwide. The Birmingham born urban artist, designer, illustrator and entrepreneur has exhibited alongside the likes of Banksy, Damien Hirst and Vivienne Westwood and has works included within the permanent collection of the V&A;  he now brings his trademark cartoonish, angst-ridden creations to ink_d gallery, Brighton.

In A Failure Of Judgement the artist explores his relocation to a disturbingly consumerist New York, as well as his critical reaction to modern life as a whole. The works are at once deliciously exciting and yet almost overwhelmingly stimulating, characters which imbue the artists concerns with a lifestyle of abundance.

Jon Burgerman commented:  The works, all created during my time in America, reflect the world I see around me. There’s an abundance of fast food, convenience, freaks, fashionistas, bored kids with everything they could ever want and tiny pampered pups shitting on the sidewalk. I see someone walking down the street or sitting on the subway wearing sunglasses, playing with their phones, dressed in designer garb, holding a ginormous expensive coffee and can’t help but think, somewhere along the way, we’ve all really been had.

A Failure Of Judgement runs at ink_d gallery, Brighton from September 5th to October 6th

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