5 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Shave


Getting the perfect shave could mean the difference between feeling like crap during the day, or feeling like a million dollars. For some men there is a need to shave every day to achieve that smooth, comfortable face, but for others it may be only once a week, or every couple of days. No matter how your hair shows up in your life, there are ways of getting that perfect shave, so here’s a few tips how.

Stay Wet

Usually the best protocol for preparing the face for shaving is to run some hot water over it as you are coming to the end of the shower. This will open the pores up and make it easier to get a smooth shave every time. When you step out of the shower, dry your hair and around the outside of your face, but do not dry your face with the towel – leave it wet.

Don’t Be Shy

When it comes to shaving gels and creams the counsel is that more is best. This stuff is designed to assist the shaver to glide over the skin and will soften the area to make it a lot smoother so that you can get a nice, clean, clear shave every time. If you are being too shy with the gel or cream then you might find that it is a harder shave and this will be noticeable in the finished product, so be generous and your shave will look a lot better, and feel better!

Be Clean

Shaving essentially removes the top layer of skin off with the hair, so it is very important to always do it with clean skin, and hands, to avoid any nasties getting into your pores or under the hair follicles. This includes using a new shaver whenever possible so that you are not putting dirt into the area while doing the shave. Making sure that you have a clean face before you start the shave will assist the removal of oils and perspiration that could inhibit you having a nice smooth shave.

Do Tricky Spots Last

Making the time to do a shave properly is one way to ensure that you will have the best shave you can. If you get up late, and are rushing to get ready for work then it’s probably a better idea to not shave that day, but to wait until you have time later to do the job well. An important aspect of this is to do the tricky spots last. Do the wide open spaces on the sides of the face and sideburn area first and allow the shaving gel/cream to soften the tricky spots like the ones around the lip and nose before doing them last.


We have often seen movies from the olden times when after shaving the man applies an acidic alcohol based solution which hurts like mad and apparently this was considered to be the right way to go at some point in the evolution of man. Those days are over! A good post-shave gel will be like a soothing, moisturising balm for your face so make sure you have the right one, and ask at Uppercut Deluxe UK if you are not sure about which is the right one for you.

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