The Everyday Man

Belgiums Tomorrowland festival announces 2013 ticket registration

Belgian dance music festival Tomorrowland celebrated its biggest year yet in 2012 and has clocked up over 40 million unique views of its now infamous 2012 after-movie.  Revellers worldwide do not have long to wait for the release of the 2013 event…     Pre sale tickets will be available in Belgium […]

Auld Lang Syne – Happy New Year!!

Well it’s that time of the year again…people are gathering to wish 2012 goodbye and welcome in the new year ahead.  Hopefully 2012 brought you many happy memories…         Have a fun and safe night everyone!  All the best when it comes!!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   […]

The Everyday Man

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce goes supersize!

American fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has launched a jumbo sized version of its best-selling Fierce fragrance.  The chain’s signature scent Fierce has been released in a limited edition 1000ml bottle.  Only 700 bottles of the supersize fragrance have been produced which is retailing in the UK for a mere […]

The Everyday Man

Converse Stars ‘N Bars Pack hits shops this weekend

It is pretty hard to find a more iconic and instantly recognisable sneaker than the Converse All Star.  Originally endorsed in the 1920’s by American basketball star Chuck Taylor whose name still features on the stamp like ankle patch.  The Converse Stars ‘N Bars pack which is exclusively available in […]